Our Mission

Campbelltown Bowling Club is the oldest Club in Campbelltown.
For over 100 years it has been our mission to provide a place where our community can come together – connecting generations, cultures and neighbours through our love of play.

Our Vision

We honour our long history and place at the heart of Campbelltown. We move forward with a commitment to being a truly local venue, where our values of community, mateship and sporting spirit are at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Story

For over 100 years locals have bowled on the greens at Campbelltown Bowling Club. We have always been a place for our community to come together – from dances on the greens to raise money for the original club house, to strong competition teams and one of the first ladies clubs in NSW, our humble bowling club holds a rich history and deep connection with our community.

Moves were made

The first move towards establishing a Bowling Club in Campbelltown came when a notice was published in the Campbelltown News invited those interested to attend a meeting.


Bowling Club is officially formed

Locals met on 9 May and unanimously voted to form a Bowling Club. The membership fee was fixed at £2/2 ($4.20) payable half-yearly and £1/1 ($2.10) affiliation fee. The greens were leased to the Bowling Club by the Campbelltown Bowling and Recreation Club Ltd.


Let there be light

Electricity was officially turned on in Campbelltown and bowling at night under lights became popular.


Temporary Club House

Permission was granted by Campbelltown Municipal Council to erect a temporary portable shed on the club’s property.


First Bowling Club Ball

More than 100 residents attended the event held on 28 May in the Campbelltown Town Hall. The hall was decorated with blue and white streamers (the colours of the club) and the walls were festooned with ivy.


Official Opening of Campbelltown Bowling Club

The Bowling Club was officially opened on 26 January with bowlers and guests invited to the official event.


Ladies Social Committee, Dancing on the Green

A Ladies Social Committee was established in the early 1920’s to organise various functions to raise funds for the club. Between the 1920’s and 30’s they held a series of Dances on the Greens. One such event was held in January 1926 with music from the Sydney Jazz Orchestra – with dancing from 8pm – 2am! No alcohol was allowed, as it was strictly taboo.


Campbelltown Ladies’ Bowling Club established

The opening of Campbelltown Ladies’ Bowling Club was celebrated on 21 May. About 25 ladies were present.


Building the Club House

The Bowling Club applied for and gained approval from Council to build a clubhouse.


Our First Major Trophy

The Suttons City Bowling Club Jubilee Trophy was the first major trophy won by Campbelltown Bowling Club


New Club Formed

After meeting with the Directors of Campbelltown Bowling and Recreation Club Ltd the Bowling Club agreed to lease the greens, clubhouse and other items. Soon afterwards on 6 February a new club was formed and called the Campbelltown Bowling Club.


Difficult Years

In 1924, the Club President noted in his Annual Report that unprecedented drought and water bans had negatively affected the greens.


Largest Attendance of Members

When the greens had returned to their normal playing surface in 1943 the attendance of members was the largest ever seen.


Campbelltown Bowling and Recreation Club Ltd Wound Up

The Club bought out Campbelltown Bowling and Recreation Club Ltd for £900 ($1,800) which was then wound up.


Liquor License granted

Application for a liquor license was made and granted 6 April.


New greens constructed

After purchasing adjoining property a three rink green was constructed in 1954 with the second full green constructed in 1958.


Women’s Bowling Club Re-formed

The originals Women’s Bowling Club was abandoned during the war years. The application was made to the Women’s Bowling Association and then the Men’s Bowling Club. Permission to reform the club was granted and the Women’s Club would have two rinks available every Wednesday. The official re-opening ceremony was held on 27 November 1953.



The Clubs application to Council for additional land as an extended site for a new club House was granted.



The new Club House was officially opened on 16 June.


Amalgamation with Campbelltown Catholic Club

On 20 June Campbelltown Bowling Club amalgamated with Campbelltown Catholic Club, which will see our Club prosper into the future.


Closed for renovations

The Bowling Club closes temporarily for major renovations to the clubhouse.


100 Year Anniversary

On 27 September Members celebrated this amazing milestone with a lunch event at Campbelltown Catholic Club.


Newly renovated clubhouse opens


Historical Photographs courtesy of Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society

About Us


Leigh Brassil, Operations Manager
Simone Wilkinson, Venue Manager

Advisory Committee

Samuel Murray, Bowls President
Allan King, Bowls Co-ordinator
Alastair Buchan, Selector
Bev Conroy, Secretary Ladies Club
Joy Power, Advisory Committee
Alicia Hattander, President Ladies Club

Life Members

William Cook
Robert Hyland